About Us

The Founder of A&G Rock ’n Roll Couture, Amal Guessous, was born in Morocco and moved to the U.S. in 1979. In 1989 he established his own brand that focused on luxurious materials and a rebellious rock 'n roll theme, leaving him named as the "King of Rock 'n Roll Chic."

Our “Rock Couture” brand quickly caught the attention of the world’s most iconic musicians and style leaders, and developed as a major status symbol especially in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris. Trendsetters, particularly in Los Angeles and Paris, have adopted this as “the” items to have.

The flagship stores at Melrose Avenue in LA, London and Tokyo are no longer open today, but you can still experience the brand online.

Among A&G Collections you can find biker culture-inspired products with a unique and expressive assortment of high-end sterling silver accessories.

A&G Rock is not only a jewelry brand, it's a Lifestyle.