About Us

The Founder of A&G Rock 'n Roll Couture, Amal Guessous, was born in Morocco and moved to the U.S. in 1979. In 1989 he established his own brand that focused on luxurious materials and a rebellious rock 'n roll theme, leaving him named as the "King of Rock 'n Roll Chic".
A&G Rock
A&G is the brainchild of – Amal Guessous the “Rock Couture” brand has developed as a major status symbol especially in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris. Trendsetters, particularly in Los Angeles and Paris, have adopted this as “the” items to have. 
Among A&G Collections you can find biker culture-inspired products,  unique and expressive  assortments of high-end silver accessories.
A&G Rock is not only a jewelry brand, it's a Lifestyle.